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Learn to Hoop

Разработчик Platty Soft
5.99 usd

"Learn to Hoop" is an app that will take you from the very basics to a high level of hooping with clear, easy-to-follow instructions with video and text.For over 15 years, Peachysteve has been teaching people juggling, object swinging and manipulation, and in that time has developed techniques to help people to easily understand how to go about learning new skills. "Learn to Hoop" will have you spinning your hoop in minutes, and addicted in just a few more.
Each move is shown from multiple angles. Slow motion sequences help to make things even clearer and there are step by step instructions for each move.
Subtitles show the instructions during the videos, and more detailed instructions are included separately for you to read at your leisure.
All videos are fully integrated into the app, so you can view them any time without the need for an internet connection.
See a sample lesson here:
Including almost 1h20m of high quality video, The app has 7 chapters containing the following 51 lessons:
Please note, video format is 720x540 mp4 (h.264/aac, ~1200Kbps). Please ensure your device supports this video resolution before downloading.
Introduction• Choosing Your Hoop• Size Guide
Getting Started• The Push Off• Posture And Motion• Improving Control• Recovery Techniques• Moving• Turns
Moving Between Waist And Neck• Hooping Round The Neck• Neck To Waist• The Penguin• Hooping Round Arm And Neck• Chest Hooping• Waist To Neck
Vertical Hooping• Working On Hands And Arms • Hand Roll Exchanges • Hoop Swinging • Two Beat Weave • Combining Rolls And Swinging • Three Beat Weave • Backwards Weaves • Isolation Roll • Step Throughs
Off The Body• Lift Off The Neck • Pass Behind The Back • Drop Through • Body Lift • Outside Circles • Rotating Circles • Waist Lift Outs • Lift Out Thumb Roll • Inside Circles • Step Ins And Step Outs
Legwork• Waist To Knee • Knee To Foot • Kick Ups • Knee To Waist • Hooping On One Leg • Foot Hook • Foot Carry
Monster Rolls• Shoulder Pushes • Shoulder Tip Circles • Elbow Circles • Arm Circles • Elbow To Arm Push Throughs • Shoulder Tip Monster • Arm Monster • Elbow Monster • Front Elbow Pass • Extended Elbow Monster • Monster Combinations
Icons from: Picol Vector by PICOL.